Servicios de Iluminación - Indigo Interiores
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We give light to your ideas

Our lighting projects all start with a clear objective – defining the specific needs of the space or area to illuminate.

Taking into account the customer’s requirements, the purpose of the illumination and the space to be lighted, our team decides on the type of illumination to be used – general, decorative or technical, always taking into current local regulation.

The lighting proposal aims to find an ideal balance between technical and decorative needs.  Detailed plans with lighting fixtures distribution, definition of light sources, electrical power and other technical information on products is always included. Optimizing our lighting sources gives us a chance to make our space more attractive with a greater visual comfort, maximizing performance and a considerable saving on energy costs.

Our lighting services range from...

  • Integral lighting projects

  • Construction management
  • Engineering and technical advice / Lighting designer

  • Selection and supply of luminaires