Diseño de Interiores - Indigo Interiores
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diseño de interiores oficinas
Beautiful and functional interiors

At Indigo Interiores, we study each space in an individual and personal manner, from the initial phases of the interior design project to its final execution.

Our sole purpose is to satisfy and meet the specific demands of each customer. In order to achieve this goal we analyze and evaluate the needs of the customer in conjunction with all requirements related to the “space” and budget available.

We offer and propose plans, elevations, choice of furniture and lighting, all under the preparation of accurate budgets. These services can be complemented with detailed drawings, samples, 3D infographics and any other pre requisite the customer may need.  Through our creative and meticulous mentality we offer solutions for all projects, always providing added value and exclusiveness to the space.

The obejctive is to achieve a unique and heartily atmosphere which also meets the functional needs of the project.

Our interior design services range from...

  • Comprehensive interior design projects

  • Construction management of interior spaces

  • Commercial interior design for businesses and companies

  • Interior design consultancy

  • 3D Interior design and rendering

  • Selection and supply of furniture and decorative elements